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Crying Wolf


What if the Boy who cries wolf wasn’t lying?

What happens when you are being constantly chased by an invisible wolf?


Crying Wolf  looks into the topic of chronic pain. Pain not only affects the body, but also its relationship with the world. It is a constant need to fight against natural instinct in order to give a performance of “being healthy”. It is a constant need to reveal oneself in order to be believed, and a constant need to Eat.

Pain manifests in different ways, some visible, some not. How do we get people to witness it, believe it, understand it? 

Crying Wolf subverts the Aesop's fable of the shepherd boy, making people's pain the 'Wolf.' 

The performance space (Scene) invites creatives who are experiencing their own pain to use the space and tell their own emotive story.


It aims to bring together, heal together, and transform together.

And to be witnessed.

Photo by Guccini & Man-Yang Hu

Filled with duvets, pillows, and (what appears to be) cotton, the space implies the inviting warmth and security of your own bedroom, but the coldness and dampness of the Crypt gives a contrasting bodily feeling.

The Space, entwined with weaved strings, softly imprisons and shivers with the body inside. The performer is faced with the fear of total destruction of the set if struggles too intensely, a fear common to a body living with chronic pain.


The cotton is treated with wax. What appears to be soft and warm is actually hard and cold to the touch.

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