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Acis and Galatea

This is a speculative design for George Frideric Handel's opera - Acis and Galatea. 

The design is set in the Embassy Theatre in Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

I divided the stage into two areas, one for Acis and Galatea, the other for Polyphemus. Audience will be free to choose which side they wish to be seated.

For us the summers shine

Acis and Galatea's side is the Baroque luxury with signs of decay. The are at the blooming side of Cornucopia.

Polyphemus' side is at the end of Cornucopia. It is dark, damp, and barren. Black sand covered the ground and extended to audience's feet.

The Cornucopia splits into half, killing Acis in the process.

The audience from both sides can finally see each other, and witness together as Galatea resurrects Acis.

截屏2022-01-01 下午11.40.31.png
截屏2022-01-01 下午11.40.21.png
截屏2022-01-01 下午11.40.14.png
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